Beside of all the process in Poland, I was asked, together with my two colleagues and friends Gianluca Fratantonio and Raoul de Jong, by the architectural practice ZUS, to  participate at the construction of the Park Pompenburg in Rotterdam during the Biennale of Architecture 2014 ( And the deal was that this construction was choreographed………………………………………..!!What did it actually mean??It was not a musical for construction workers, no!

It was basically a process participated by inhabitants from the neighborhood, friends and families, architects who got out of the office to dirt their hands by planting, hoeing and all this funny stuff, volunteers from different fields and also professional builder men off course.  Everybody, day by day, were coming to do a bit so that at the end of the ten days we had a ready-to-party park.

calendar DSCN0847 DSCN0872

And where’s the choreography? Well, beside the fact that moving to work and moving to dance have the same choreographic potential, we organized people in order to create a pattern visible just from high up, where Ossip van Duivenbode, the flying architectural photographer par excellence was taking the picture of the day. While doing it, after all the initial worries about pissing of the people were there to work, choreography stood up as a tool to participate the building process, thanks to its collaborative, organized and inclusive aspects.The pictures were exhibited at the Kunstal Museum of Rotterdam while we were partying the last day after a working-in-park waltz, especially choreographed for the official opening.

And here it is


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